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វិដេអូ​ អំពីរសកម្មភាព
Cambodia had one of the fastest growing economy within ASEAN and between 2004 to 2007, enjoyed a double digit growth second only to China prior to the Global Banking Crisis of 2008.

Such strong economic performance also benefitted tremendously from business friendly policies implemented by the Royal Government of Cambodia such as the bi-annual Government Private Sector Forum (GPSF) being an avenue for the Private Sector to air its grievances to the relevant public institutions.

The GPSF is composed of 8 Technical Working Groups (TWG) among which is the SME TWG co-chaired by HE Suy Sem (Minister of Industry, Mines & Energy) and Okhna Te Taing Por (First Secretary General of the Cambodia Chamber of Commerce).

As in most countries, SMEs play a significant role in the local economy and employ over 1.5 million people. Okhna Te Taing Por and Oknha Hun Lak, two prominent businessmen decided to take up the challenge in setting up FASMEC with the support from MIME (Ministry of Industry, Mines & Energy).