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  VIENTIANE – LAO PDR (JUNE 30, 2011) 
  On June 20, ADB Cambodia Resident Mission had a formal meeting with some FASMEC key Council Members and there was a good exchange of views seeking better mutual understanding of each other activities.   ADB Cambodia then extended an invitation to FASMEC to attend the GMS Economic Corridors Third Forum to be held in Vientiane (Lao PDR) as Laos is currently the acting co-Chair and FASMEC obliged courteously   FASMEC Delegates attending the GMS 3rd Economic Corridors Forum in Vientiane (Lao PDR) held at Don Chan Palace Hotel were   - HUN Lak (Secretary General)   - VAN David (Senior Advisor)   This is the 3rd GMS Economic Corridors Forum co-chaired by the GoL (Government of Laos) and ADB (Asian Development Bank).    Delegates were from both Public and Private Sectors from the GMS member countries namely:   - Cambodia   - China   - Laos   - Myanmar   - Thailand   - Vietnam   GMS Chair follows the ASEAN practice of rotating among member countries and this time it was Laos acting ac Chair.   The Forum presented findings of surveys on the 3 main Economic Corridors such as:   - NSEC (North South Economic Corridor)   - EWEC (East West Economic Corridor)   - SEC (Southern Economic Corridor) --with Cambodia occupying 53% of the entire land area as it cuts across Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam--   While Public Sector delegates focus on policies, Private Sector delegates involved in various Task Forces set up had the responsibility to disseminate information and decisions made at the Forum to their respective members of their Chambers of Commerce and/or Business Associations to synchronize with their respective Government decision and commitment to GMS Forum mechanism.  Following is a series of some key GMS criteria and data:
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